April 2, 2015 - Season of Hope

It seems one of those cruel twists of (dare we say) spring in Wisconsin that there were flocks of robins hopping around on the lawn listening for worms (as robins are wont to do) while I gingerly slid to my car and spent a good 5 minutes chipping it out of the ice it was encapsulated in last Sunday. While it does seem that we evaded the WIAA Basketball (boys and/or girls) curse of a winter snow storm, it seems that the basketball playoffs (NCAA) part of the curse was in effect when we got that four-inch snow event on the 22nd into the 23rd. It is hoped that we are done with that white, fluffy stuff for at least the next, oh, eight months or so. I know we still have the NCAA Men’s basketball Final Four and Championships to get through on April 4th and 6th. But what is spring, if not a season of hope? And why not hope that there is no more snow this spring? If you were hoping for some new books, you won’t be disappointed. A number of new books have been arriving at the library, some of which are listed below for your entertainment and enlightenment (and probably some other word that starts with “e” that I will come to me in the middle of the night). Enjoy!

  • cover art ISIS : the state of terror / by Jessica Stern and J.M. Berger. A terrorism expert from Harvard and the author of “Jihad Joe” explore the origins, growth and implication of the Islamic State jihadist army while surveying its methods and unexpectedly sophisticated social media expertise.
  • cover art Becoming Steve Jobs : the evolution of a reckless upstart into a visionary leader / by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli. Based on the highly popular 2012 cover story in “Fast Company”, an award-winning journalist and a veteran editor present a behind-the-scenes account of how Steve Jobs became the most famous and visionary CEO in history through interviews with people who knew Jobs best.
  • cover art The dog who saved me / by Susan Wilson. A grief-stricken Boston K-9 unit policeman turned animal-control officer struggles to rescue a traumatized dog gone feral at the same time he is challenged to prove that his delinquent older brother has returned to the drug business. By the “New York Time” best-selling author of “One Good Dog”.
  • cover art A disease called childhood : why ADHD became an American epidemic / by Marilyn Wedge. The family therapist and writer of the controversial “Psychology Today” article, "Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD," argues that environmental factors are responsible for child behavioral problems while citing the dangers of ADHD medications.
  • cover art How to raise a wild child : the art and science of falling in love with nature / by Scott The beloved host of PBS Kids' “Dinosaur Train” presents an activity-complemented guide for caregivers and teachers on how to alleviate common childhood challenges by forging strong connections between children and nature.
  • cover art The precious one / by Marisa de los Santos. A tale told in alternating voices traces the collaborative efforts of an estranged millionaire father and the daughter he abandoned 17 years earlier to reconcile and write his memoir.
  • cover art A reunion of ghosts : a novel / by Judith Mitchell. Forging a suicide pact in accordance with a macabre tradition, three sisters reflect on their shared love and the tragedies that have overshadowed their ancestors and personal lives. By the author of “The Last Day of the War”.
  • cover art The Cavendon women : a novel / by Barbara Taylor Bradford. A sequel to “Cavendon Hall” follows the Inghams' and Swanns' from a family weekend in the summer of 1926 through the devastation of the Wall Street crash in 1929. By the #1 “New York Times” best-selling author of “Letter From a Stranger”.
  • cover art The fifth heart / by Dan Simmons. While in America to solve the mystery of the 1885 death of Clover Adams, wife of the esteemed historian Henry Adams, Sherlock Holmes and Henry James find themselves involved in matters of national importance possibly orchestrated by Moriarty
  • cover art Kill me, darling : a Mike Hammer novel / by Mickey Spillane & Max Collins. An inebriated Mike Hammer investigates the murder of an aging police officer who once worked with Mike Hammer's ex-partner Velda, who is reputed to be involved with a powerful Florida gangster.
  • cover art World gone by / by Dennis Lehane. Working as a consigliere to the Bartolo crime family, traveling between Tampa and Cuba, former crime kingpin Joe Coughlin, who has everything--money, power, anonymity and a beautiful mistress, is forced to pay for his lifetime of sin when the dark truth of his past emerges.
  • cover art The fifth gospel : a novel / by Ian Caldwell. A follow-up to the “New York Times” best-seller “The Rule of Four” finds a lost gospel, a contentious relic and a dying pope's final wish sending two Vatican priest brothers on a dangerous intellectual quest to untangle Christianity's greatest historical mystery.
  • cover art NYPD red 3 / by James Patterson. When a billionaire's chauffeur is brutally murdered and his son is abducted, NYPD Red Detective Zach Jordan and his ex-girlfriend partner, Kylie MacDonald, realize that their own lives are becoming more threatened as they get closer to solving the case.
  • cover art The pocket wife : a novel / by Susan Crawford. When her neighbor, Celia, is brutally murdered, Dana Catrell--who, the last person to see Celia alive, suffers from a debilitating mania, the byproduct of her bipolar disorder--must clear her name before she descends into madness.