August 14, 2014 - Where oh where did the summer go?

I don’t know about you, but the vegetable crops are becoming overwhelming and it’s getting harder and harder to find anyone who wants some tomatoes or zucchini. It’s just that time of year. In fewer than three weeks we shall have past the end point of summer, i.e. Labor Day, and school shall have started. Where or where did the summer go to? While there are still a few of those crazy, lazy, days of summer left, why not kick back and enjoy one of these final summer books. I just finished ordering books which are due to be published in October and it appears as if every best-selling author has a new book coming out (except of course your best-selling, favorite author because that’s just how life works sometimes). Speaking of vacations… You’re correct; we weren’t actually speaking of vacations, only of summer. I was free associating. Anyway, this upcoming week of summer, I shall be vacationing so next week I’m sad to say, there will be nothing from me. There’s a good selection below which should get you through until the last week of August. Enjoy!

  • cover art The invisible bridge : the fall of Nixon and the rise of Reagan / by Rick Peristein. The best-selling author of “Nixonland” presents a portrait of the United States during the turbulent political and economic upheavals of the 1970s, covering events ranging from the Arab oil embargo and the era of Patty Hearst to the collapse of the South Vietnamese government and the rise of Ronald Reagan.
  • cover art Sgt. Reckless : America's war horse / by Robin Hutton. Describes the small Mongolian mare and celebrated hero of the Korean War who helped the American war effort by carrying wounded soldiers and making multiple trips across combat zones to deliver supplies.
  • cover art The First Family detail : Secret Service agents reveal the hidden lives of the presidents / by Ronald Kessler. The award-winning author of “The Secrets of the FBI” investigates the relationship between the Secret Service and the presidency as reflected by the protective practices surrounding the First Ladies and children of Presidents Truman through Obama.
  • cover art Severed souls / by Terry Goodkind. An entry in the popular series that began with “Wizard's First Rule “returns readers to the world of Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell. By the best-selling author of “The Omen Machine”.
  • cover art Driving with the top down / by Beth Harbison. Running a monthly tag sale on her inherited Maryland farmette, Dara embarks on a thrift-shop road trip to Florida with new friend Colleen and has more adventure than anticipated when they pick up down-on-her-luck Jonnie, who hides a terrible secret.
  • cover art The Mountaintop School for Dogs and other second chances / by Ellen Cooney. A woman with little experience with animals signs up to be a volunteer trainer at The Sanctuary, a home for strays and unwanted dogs, and learns more than she bargained for about forgiveness, rehabilitation and being rescued.
  • cover art Murder in retribution / by Anne Cleeland. When their relationship comes to light, Chief Inspector Michael Sinclair and rookie detective Kathleen Doyle must deal with office politics while trying to solve a series of underworld murders linked to both the Russian mafia and an Irish terrorist group, who are both fighting for a lucrative underground business.
  • cover art The liar's wife / by Mary Gordon. Four novellas about relationships at home and abroad are set in different historical periods and explore the experiences of such protagonists as an American grad student who escapes to Italy after a compromising love affair. By the award-winning author of “The Love of My Youth”.
  • cover art The good girl / by Mary Kubica. The daughter of a prominent Chicago judge and his socialite wife, inner-city art teacher Mia Dennett is taken hostage by her one-night stand, Colin Thatcher, who, instead of delivering her to his employers, hides her in a secluded cabin in rural Minnesota to keep her safe from harm.
  • cover art The Lost Island : a Gideon Crew novel / by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. After being tasked with stealing a page from a priceless, ancient book, brilliant scientist and master thief Gideon Crew discovers a hidden map on the back of the book's parchment, in the third novel of the series following “Gideon’s Corpse”.
  • cover art No safe house / by Linwood Barclay. A troubled family accidentally reconnects with the criminal who saved their lives seven years prior and is propelled into another potentially lethal situation, in a thriller from the author of the international best-seller “A Tap on the Window”.
  • cover art Top secret : a clandestine operations novel / by W.E.B. Griffin. In the first weeks of World War II, U.S. intelligence already has Cold War-like suspicions of America's ally, the Soviet Union, and James D. Cronley Jr., an unruly agent in a precursor to the CIA, has got seven days to extract a vital piece of information from a Soviet agent, in the first book in a new series by a best-selling pair of authors.