December 31, 2014 - Year End Comments

Well, I’m going to assume that this column will publish on the last day of 2014, so I won’t be doing any beginning of the year shtick, but will stick to end-of-the year comments. This certainly has been an interesting year in many ways, but the most exciting thing for this library was we turned fifty years old on December 1st (which I guess makes the library a Sagittarius). Turning 50 years old meant a countdown to the big day, a big celebration, the start of an endowment fund to help ensure the next fifty years, and lots of plans for continued celebrations and programs throughout our entire 50th year. So stayed tune for those. We have been experience warmer than normal weather but it has – until Christmas Day and Boxing Day – been accompanied by dark and gloomy skies. With the return of the sun on those two, all-too-rare days, sunset didn’t seem to be occurring shortly after 3:30 in the afternoon. There was still light in the sky at 5 p.m. (if you could see the horizon). The good news is, as of today, sunset is now 10 minutes later than it was on the 8-10th of December when the earliest sunsets occur (at 4:22 p.m.). The even better news is that we are no longer losing light in the morning with later sunrise times. Sunrise is now at 7:29 a.m. and will remain there until January 8th when we will start gaining light at that end of the day as well. All this good news and the start of a new year with a whole new blank canvas to fill in. Below you will find some new books to start off your reading for 2015. Enjoy! Happy New Year!

  • cover art The iris fan / by Laura Rowland. In 1709 Japan, Sano Ichiro, dedicated to the samurai code of honor, is restored to the rank of chief investigator when the shogun is stabbed with a fan made of painted silk with sharp-pointed iron ribs--a case that, if the shogun's heir is displeased with the outcome, will result in his death. By the author of “The Fire Kimono”.
  • cover art Tom Clancy full force and effect / by Mark Greaney. Jack Ryan Jr. and his fellow Campus agents race against time to investigate a North Korean ICBM bombing related to a CIA veteran's murder, a stolen cache of forged documents and a rich mineral deposit. By the best-selling co-author of “Command Authority”.
  • cover art Woman with a gun : a novel / by Phillip Margolin. Inspired by a Pulitzer-winning photograph, an aspiring novelist obsessively investigates the unsolved murder behind the photo and struggles to obtain key facts from a reclusive photographer who may know the truth. By the best-selling author of “Sleight of Hand”.
  • cover art The secret of Pembrooke Park / by Julie Klassen. Moving to a distant manor house that was abandoned years earlier under mysterious circumstances, practical-minded Abigail searches for a rumored treasure on the property, only to receive anonymous clues about the manor's past.