February 26, 2015 - Daylight Savings

There are only ten (or eleven days depending on when you read this and depending on how you count) until Daylight Savings Time starts. The days don’t actually get longer, but we are awake and moving during more of the daylight hours so the days seem longer. And if Daylight Savings Time is in effect, can spring really be that far away? I think not. If the weather holds and the forecasts are somewhat accurate, I should be out in Nebraska gazing at cranes by the time you are reading this. The first returning cranes were spotted on February 7th, so the odds are very good that a lot more sandhill cranes shall have arrived in the Kearney, Nebraska area by the time I get there. Those of you have read this column for lo, these many years know that I am a bit of a craniac (a portmanteau word made from “crane” and “maniac”). But even if you’re not a craniac, the annual sandhill crane migration through the central flyway is a sight you should see sometime in your life. It’s about a ten to 12 hour trip (depending on how fast you drive and how many stops you make), mostly out I-80. Words really can’t describe the spectacle of seeing tens of thousands (half a million at the peak) of cranes congregating in a stretch of the Platte River from York to a little past Kearney, Nebraska. The sound that tens of thousands of cranes can make is also indescribable. It truly is a wonder of the natural world. Anyway, while the countdown to spring continues here, I shall be searching for my February cranes which to me are the real harbingers of spring. There are a number of new books for your perusal listed below. Enjoy!

  • cover art Empire / by John Connolly. A follow-up to “Conquest” finds a separated Syl and Paul struggling across millions of light years to reunite while endeavoring to reveal the horrifying truth about a mysterious alien race's role in the Empire.
  • cover art Half the world / by Joe Abercrombie. Fifteen-year-old girl soldier Thorn learns the ways of war in the king's army while falling in love for the first time. By the “New York Times" best-selling author of “Half a King”.
  • cover art Dorothy Parker drank here : a novel / by Ellen Meister. While trying to convince brilliant writer Ted Shriver, a cantankerous recluse who is slowly dying of cancer, to keep her company on this side of eternity, Dorothy Parker, tired of haunting the halls of the Algonquin alone, uncovers startling secrets about his past, with the help of an ambitious TV producer.
  • cover art The girls of Mischief Bay / by Susan Mallery. Three very different women find family through friendship--including Nicole, who faces a difficult choice involving her dependent husband; Shannon, who must choose between love and career; and Pam, whose marriage is tested by an unexpected change.
  • cover art In plain sight / by Fern Michaels. A new novel from a #1 best-selling author is presented in a special library-only hardcover edition.

  • cover art Shame and the captives : a novel / by Thomas Keneally. A tale inspired by true events follows the experiences of a World War II prisoner's wife who befriends an Italian anarchist in the hopes of alleviating her husband's suffering, only to be swept up in a violent prison break. By the Booker Prize-winning author of “Schindler's List”.
  • cover art A touch of stardust / by Kate Alcott. Taking a job at the studio where David O. Selznick is filming “Gone with the Wind”, Julie Crawford becomes an assistant to Carole Lombard, a rising actress from Julie's hometown who embarks on a scandalous affair with Clark Gable.