February 5, 2015 - Prognosticating Animals

I am sitting writing this on Saturday, January 31st, just two days away from Ground Hog’s Day. I am writing this with the threat of a major winter storm in the air. As you may recall, if the ground hog – either Sun Prairie Jimmy or Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow (i.e. it is sunny out so said ground hog casts a shadow)then he will retreat into his burrow and winter will persist for another six weeks. And right now, the way that winter storm is moving, it looks like the snow and clouds will be cleared out of here by the time the sunrises on February 2nd. This year the library is using its own prognosticating animal. We have been loaned a taxidermied badger who acts as a mascot for our Badger Book Club. Monday, our badger will be making his own forecast. Check Bucky’s prediction on our FaceBook page Monday afternoon. Badgers don’t do sunrises. They take a more moderate approach to waking up and like to have a leisurely brunch. In the meantime, there are a number of new books for you to check out this week. Enjoy!

  • cover art Gateway to freedom : the hidden history of the underground railroad / by Eric Foner. Traces the workings of the underground railroad in slave-dependent New York by three lesser-known heroes who coordinated with black dockworkers and counterparts in other states to help thousands of fugitive slaves between 1830 and 1860. By the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “The Fiery Trail”.
  • cover art Flashpoints : the emerging crisis in Europe by George Friedman. The best-selling author of “The Next 100 Years” and “The Next Decade” offers a bold thesis about coming conflict in the world, examining key geopolitical flashpoints—particularly in Europe—in which imminent future conflicts are brewing.
  • cover art The last days of George Armstrong Custer : the true story of the Battle of the Little Bighorn by Thom Hatch. An award-winning historian recreates George Armstrong Custer's death at the Little Bighorn, putting to rest the questions and conspiracies that have made Custer's last stand one of the most misunderstood events in American history.
  • cover art Hell and good company : the Spanish Civil War and the world it made / by Richard Rhodes. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the “The Making of the Atomic Bomb” describes the Spanish Civil War, fought to defend democracy in the face of the growing fascism that was overtaking Europe in the 1930s.
  • cover art Italians. by John Hooper. In a book perfect for anyone looking to understand modern Italy and the unique character of Italians, the author explores the history, culture and religion of the Italian people, shedding new light on many aspects of Italian life. By the author of “The New Spaniards”.
  • cover art Wolf winter : a novel / by Cecilia Ekbak. Moving with her husband and children to early 18th-century Swedish Lapland to escape the traumas of their life in Finland, Maija investigates a suspicious local death that reveals their new community's dark history of betrayals.
  • cover art Private Vegas / by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro. Following leads on two criminals to Las Vegas, Private Jack Morgan discovers a lucrative murder ring being controlled by a wealthy man who seduces beautiful women into becoming killers for hire.
  • cover art Saint Odd : an Odd Thomas novel / by Dean Koontz. A conclusion to the best-selling series finds psychic fry cook Odd Thomas returning to his home town while preparing to confront an evil force that tests his friendships, reveals his purpose and reunites him with a lost love.
  • cover art We are pirates : a novel / by Daniel Handler. A father and daughter, dreaming of outlaw glory, assemble ragtag crews to pursue their respective ambitions to become pirates in the San Francisco Bay. By the best-selling author of “Who Could That Be at This Hour?”
  • cover art Girl runner : a novel / by Carrie Synder. Frail centenarian Aganetha Smart recounts to two mysterious filmmakers her remarkable 1928 gold medal win for Canada, the first Olympics Games that permitted women to compete in track events.
  • cover art The nightingale / by Kristin Hannah. Reunited when the elder's husband is sent to fight in World War II, French sisters Vianne and Isabelle find their bond as well as their respective beliefs tested by a world that changes in horrific ways. Discussion guide available online. By the #1 “New York Times” best-selling author of “Firefly Lane”.