January 29, 2015 - Promise of Spring

There are only two more days left in this first month of 2015 – which means a couple of things. First it means there’s still almost a full month of the Winter Reading Program left. There’s still plenty of time to earn dragon dollars to either donate to a worthy cause or to purchase really fabulous prizes in our store. Second it means that Ground Hog’s Day is only 3 sunrises away – on the fourth sunrise Punxsutawney Phil or Jimmy the Ground Hog from Sun Prairie will be making their prognostications about how much longer winter will be a-lingering. You know you’ve made it over some kind of hump when the discussion turns to how soon spring will be here rather than how cold it is or how short the days are. In fact, the birds have started showing little signs of spring already. The red-tailed hawks are already pairing up. The Decorah Eagles are doing home remodeling on their nest and beginning to put in softer layers of grass and corn husks which are pretty good indicators that egg laying isn’t too far off. The little chickadees at the feeders have started singing their “phoebe” song. The days have definitely gotten longer and the narcissi bulbs I planted just after New Year’s Day are blooming. The flow of new books has also unjammed so that suddenly there are a number of books for me to tell you about. With the promise of spring in our hearts, let’s turn to all the new titles that have arrived this week for your reading pleasure. Enjoy

  • cover art Inside a silver box / by Walter Mosely. Two people struggle to protect humanity from an imposing alien race that aims to regain control over the powerful Silver Box. By the award-winning author of the Easy Rawlins mysteries.
  • cover art Etta and Otto and Russell and James : a novel / by Emma Hooper. Embarking on a more than 3,000-kilometer walking journey from rural Canada to the East coast so that she can see the ocean for the first time in her life, an octogenarian woman has experiences that blur her perspectives between illusion, memory and reality.
  • cover art The extraordinary journey of the fakir who got trapped in an Ikea wardrobe by Romain Puertolas. A U.S. release of a best-selling debut from France finds a con artist from India traveling to France to shop at IKEA and unwittingly embarking on a European tour during which he makes friends in unlikely places.
  • cover art Lost & found / by Brooke Davis. An award-winning debut novel from Australia follows a shared encounter between an abandoned 7-year-old, a widowed shut-in and a nursing home escapee, who embark on a road trip across Western Australia to find the child's mother.
  • cover art Mobile library : a novel / by David Whitehouse. When his best friend and protector, Sunny, is injured in a freak accident, Bobby Nusku, who is the target of schoolyard bullies and his abusive father, embarks on a wild adventure across England in a 16-wheel book mobile with a lonely divorcee, her disabled daughter and a kindhearted ex-soldier.
  • cover art The sacrifice / by Joyce Carol Oates. A brutal act of racial violence against a 14-year-old girl shocks and galvanizes a racially torn New Jersey community, which becomes a maelstrom of strong personalities, police responses, media hype and secrets. By the National Book Award-winning author of “The Accursed”.
  • cover art Puzzled indemnity : a Puzzle Lady mystery / by Parnell Hall. Hoping to escape a lonely winter by investigating a woman's suspicions that her husband is trying to kill her, Cora Felton discovers that the man is having an affair before having to prove her client's innocence in his subsequent murder. Includes six crosswords and a sudoku puzzle by Will Shortz.