July 10, 2014 - Days Between Dates

We are already past the 4th of July, that holiday that falls near the middle of summer - or at least between the two holiday's that frame up summer, Memorial Day and Labor Day. This year there are 98 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day ( I say this year, because both of those holidays have become moveable feasts depending on when the last and first Monday of the month fall because of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act of 1968). This year that means July 14th, or Bastille Day, is actually the mid-point between the framing holidays. This also means that there is still plenty of time to get your summer reading done. By my calculation there are still more than fifty days left until Labor Day and there are still plenty of books to be read. Oh, and just in case you're wondering, since we have been talking how many days between dates and how many days until, there are, as of today, 168 days until Christmas! You still have 4,032 hours left to get all your plans, presents, and preparations taken care of. If you'll scroll your eyes down the page you will find a sampling of the new books that have recently arrived at the library.  Enjoy!

Sorry there are no non-fiction titles this week.

  • cover art The American mission / By Matthew Palmer. A debut inspired by the U.S. Foreign Service veteran author's contributions to certifying conflict-free diamonds follows the disgrace of a former State Department star who starts over at a Congo mining facility that is being oppressed by corrupt interests.
  • cover art The fever : a novel / by Megan Abbott. A small town becomes unraveled after a young teen has a scary, unexplained seizure in her high school class and rumors of a hazardous illness quickly move through the school and the community, spreading hysteria and destroying friendships and families.
  • cover art The Red Room / by Ridley Pearson. Pressured into brokering an art deal in Istanbul, surveillance expert John Knox and his partner, the fearless Grace Chu, orchestrate a brief meeting with a mysterious man only to be thwarted by an unexpected number of adversaries.
  • cover art Robert Ludlum's The Bourne ascendancy : a new Jason Bourne novel / by Eric Lustbader. Hired to impersonate a high-ranking government official at a summit in Qatar, Jason Bourne survives a massive attack by armed men before being taken prisoner by an infamous terrorist who is also holding a close friend and her toddler daughter.
  • cover art The ways of the dead / by Neely Tucker. A debut entry in a new series by an award-winning "Washington Post" journalist finds reporter Sully Carter investigating a string of cold cases to solve the murder of a powerful Washington, D.C. judge's daughter, in a story inspired by the 1990s Princeton Place case.
  • cover art That night / by Chevy Stevens. Returning home after serving time for the wrongful conviction of her sister's murder, Toni struggles to reacclimate and avoid parole violations while her boyfriend, who was also wrongly convicted, resolves to clear their names. By the best-selling author of "Still Missing".
  • cover art 1636 : Commander Cantrell in the West Indies / by Eric Flint. Sent by Admiral Simpson to the New World to claim a rich oil field, newlywed Eddie Cantrell and his small task force confront formidable Spanish opposition, hostile native, rival ships and starving colonists with the help of eccentric companions.
  • cover art Rogues / by George R.R. Martin. A collection of 21 original stories by an all-star list of contributors-including a new Game of Thrones story by George R. R. Martin-looks at the more shady denizens of the fantasy world, in an array of tales with contributions from Gillian Flynn, Joe Abercrombie, Neil Gaiman and many more.
  • cover art Last night at the blue angel : a novel / by Rebecca Rotert. In early 1960s Chicago, Naomi Hill, a fiercely ambitious, yet extremely self-destructive jazz singer at the Blue Angel club, embarks on a desperate journey to stardom, while her 10-year-old daughter Sophie becomes even more anxious as she struggles for her mother's love. 100,000 first printing.
  • cover art The sixteenth of June : a novel / by Maya Lang. A wry social satire set in Philadelphia over the course of a single day follows the experiences of a young IT manager, his former singer fiancée and his skeptical grad school student brother as they confront their choices during a funeral and an annual Bloomsday party. A first novel.
  • cover art A catered Fourth of July : a mystery with recipes / by Isis Crawford. When a July Fourth Revolutionary War re-enactment results in murder, sisters and caterers Bernie and Libby, as suspicion and distrust boil over, must serve up a very unpatriotic killer-especially when Bernie's beau is accused of the crime.
  • cover art Mr. Monk is open for business : a novel / by Hy Conrad. Monk and Teeger detective begin an investigation of a disgruntled import business worker who disappeared after killing three of his coworkers, in the latest addition to the popular series, following "Mr. Monk Gets on Board".
  • cover art Strangers / by Bill Pronzini. Cheryl seeks assistance from Nameless when her son, Cody Hatcher, is accused of three rapes in Mineral Springs, in the latest novel of the mystery series following "Nemesis".