May 1, 2014 - May Day

Today is the first of May, also known as May Day. This is a holiday celebrated in European countries since pagan times. It is a time for celebrating the arrival of summer. I know, hardly seems possible in these climes, but once upon a time February 1st was considered the start of spring and May 1st was considered the start of summer which is how the summer solstice on June 21st was considered "midsummer". Celebrations - sometimes raucous because, after all, it is summer!-were combined with dancing around a maypole, crowning the Queen of the May, and the giving of May baskets. These celebrations are related to the festival of Flora (goddess of flowers) in Rome, Beltane in Celtic countries, and Walpurgis Night in Germany. May 1st is also International Worker's Day. That day celebrates labor and the working classes and is a national public holiday in a number of countries. That holiday is celebrated by marches and rallies. May 1st was chosen for this international celebration of labor because it was the day in 1886 when the Haymarket Riot occurred in Chicago. Any way you look at it, there are many reasons to celebrate today. One of the best reasons is that the weather is finally getting warm enough for you to enjoy being outside long enough to dance around a maypole, deliver May baskets or join a rally. It does look like April's showers may be extending into the month of May. Fortunately,we have plenty of new books for you to read while waiting for the sun to come out. Enjoy!

  • cover art Chestnut Street / by Maeve Binchy. A story written in stages throughout the best-selling author's career traces the experiences of diverse characters that revolve around Chestnut Street. By the author of "Tara Road".
  • cover art Otherwise engaged / by Amanda Quick. Barely escaping a would-be abductor who has left a trail of victims in his wake, world traveler Miss Amity Doncaster discovers that her attacker has become obsessed with gossip that ties Amity to scientist Benedict Stanbridge, a spy for the throne who resolves to bring the killer to justice.
  • cover art Keep quiet / by Lisa Scottoline. When they are involved in a terrible car accident, Jake Whitmore makes a split-second decision that saves his son from formal punishment, but plunges them both into a world of guilt, lies and secrecy where a dangerous enemy comes forward threatening to expose them.
  • cover art The target / by David Baldacci. The highly skilled assassin who brought in a rogue assassin "The Hit" and who became a target himself when he refused a mission in "The Innocent" returns for his third adventure in the best-selling series.
  • cover art Warriors / by Ted Bell. As tensions mount between China, North Korea and the US, Alex Hawke and Inspector Ambrose Congreve, after China reveals military technology that is more advanced than anything the US and Great Britain possess, must infiltrate China and neutralize the source of their advantage to stop World War III.