May 14, 2015 - Watchman

If you managed to miss all the hoopla that has been happening at the library around the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” there’s still one more opportunity for you to participate in this community event. This Saturday, the classic, feature-film version of “To Kill a Mockingbird” starring Gregory Peck, will be shown as our Saturday matinee. All the activity of the past weeks was in anticipation of the publication of Harper Lee’s book “Go Set a Watchman”. That book is due to be released on July 14th (Bastille Day, but I doubt there is any significance in that!) and I imagine there will be a whole lot of holds on it. Will this book compare well with “To Kill a Mockingbird”? That’s hard to predict. That one (and until now, only) book by Harper Lee set an incredibly high bar. Purportedly “Watchman” is the book out of which “Mockingbird” was created by shifting the point of view to Scout as a child. If that’s the case, “Watchman” should have good “bones”. We’ll all just have to wait and see. In the meantime, there are plenty of new books that have been arriving almost as quickly as the grass has been growing. Enjoy!

  • cover art Out of orange : a memoir / by Cleary Wolters. To set the record straight and share hard-earned wisdom, the real-life Alex Vause from the critically acclaimed, top-rated Netflix show “Orange Is the New Black” tells her own story, chronicling her time in the drug trade, her incarceration and her complicated relationship with Piper.
  • cover art The Wright brothers / by David McCullough. Chronicles the dramatic story-behind-the-story about the Wright brothers, sharing insights into the disadvantages that challenged their lives and their mechanical ingenuity. By the Pulitzer Prize- and National Book Award-winning author of “Truman”.
  • cover art When to rob a bank : ... and 131 more warped suggestions and well-intended rants / by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner. The best-selling authors of “Freakonomics” present a 10th anniversary, curated collection of blog posts from to share insights into the role of luck in making money, the unpredictable nature of winning and more.
  • cover art The great divide : unequal societies and what we can do about them / by Joseph Stiglitz. In a call to restore true democracy and tempered markets, a Nobel Prize winner makes an urgent case for Americans to solve inequality now.
  • cover art Team of teams : new rules of engagement for a complex world by Stanley McChrystal. The retired four-star general and best-selling author of “My Share of the Task” outlines a powerful model for leadership based on his experiences in fighting the War on Terror using present-day technologies and organic adaptability strategies.
  • cover art The burglar who counted the spoons : a Bernie Rhodenbarr mystery / by Lawrence Block. Burglar Bernie Rodenbarr and his lesbian sidekick Carolyn Kaiser break into houses, apartments and even a museum, in a madcap adventure replete with American Colonial silver, an F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscript, a priceless portrait, a remarkable array of buttons—and a murder that needs to be solved.
  • cover art The invention of fire / by Bruce Holsinger. Investigating a mass murder in London, medieval poet and fixer John Gower discovers clues that the victims were test subjects for a fearsome new war weapon. By the award-winning author of “A Burnable Book”.
  • cover art Memory man / by David Baldacci. A latest thriller by the best-selling author of “The Forgotten” and “King and Maxwell” introduces the character of Amos Decker, whose hyperthymesia causes him to remember everything.
  • cover art One mile under : a Ty Hauck novel / by Andrew Gross. Protecting a friend's daughter who has fallen into danger over her suspicions that two deaths are not accidental, Ty Hauck uncovers a Colorado town's sinister scheme involving giant energy companies, beaten-down ranchers and scarce water resources.
  • cover art The patriot threat / by Steve Berry. A tale inspired by debates surrounding 16th Amendment tax collection practices finds Cotton Malone pulled out of retirement to track a rogue North Korean who may have acquired top-secret Treasury Department files capable of decimating the U.S. economy. By the “New York Times” best-selling author.
  • cover art Your next breath / by Iris Johansen. Resolving to devote her life to the son who was returned to her after being kidnapped nine years earlier, CIA operative Catherine uses her skills to confront an enemy from her past who is killing everyone she loves. By the best-selling author of “Sight Unseen”.
  • cover art Day shift / by Charlaine Harris. Psychic Manfred Bernardo enlists the help of the enigmatic Olivia Charity when he is wrongly accused of murder in a follow-up to the best-selling “Midnight Crossroad”. By the author of the Sookie Stackhouse series.