May 21, 2015 - Summer Reading Training

While the weather flirts with summer-like humidity and temperatures and then frosty rooftops in the next morning there’s still plenty of time to train for the summer reading/ learning program at the library. As is our wont for low these many years you can earn dragon dollars ( good only in this public library) which can be used to purchase fabulous prizes from our “store” or which can be donated to the DeForest Area Needs Network or the Dane County Humane Society (those dragon dollars will be redeemed by an anonymous donor). So get in shape to do some serious reading this summer. Below you will find some new titles that recently arrived at the library. Some are weighty tomes, some are light reading but I believe you are supposed to mix things up when you are talking physical fitness. Some cardio, some light weight lifting. If you’re a runner that would be long, slow, distance mixed with sprints. No matter what your training regimen is, you should find something below to suit your needs. Enjoy!

  • cover art Killer gourmet / by G.A. McKevett. The opening of Ryan and John's new gourmet restaurant is shattered by the murder of their temperamental chef, prompting Savannah and the Moonlight Magnolia gang to sift through a wide range of suspects to find the killer. By the author of “Buried in Buttercream”.
  • cover art Killer in the kitchen : a Murder she wrote mystery : a novel / by Donald Bain & Jessica Fletcher. When a restaurant rivalry causes a young husband to be accused of murder, Jessica is challenged to investigate a large number of suspects to identify the true culprit. By the author of “Aloha Betrayed”.
  • cover art Gathering prey / by John Sandford. When his adopted daughter's friend reports that someone has been killing off a circle of nomadic panhandlers, Lucas travels to North Dakota, where he encounters a dangerously violent subculture. By the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the Virgil Flowers series.
  • cover art Lacy eye / by Jessica Treadway. Surviving a brutal attack that ends her husband's life, Hanna struggles to remember her attacker, who may be her awkward daughter's boyfriend. By the award-winning author of “And Give You Peace”.
  • cover art The gospel of Loki / by Joanne Harris. Told in first-person by trickster god Loki, describes the rise and fall of the gods of the Norse, detailing how he left Chaos to serve Odin until the fall of Asgard, in a novel by the best-selling author of “Chocolat”.
  • cover art The green road / by Anne Enright. When Christmas day reunites the Madigan children, who all left their mother Rosaleen behind to follow their dreams, under one roof in County Clare, Ireland, they each must confront the terrible weight of family ties and the journey that brought them home.
  • cover art The guest cottage : a novel / by Nancy Thayer. Renting a Nantucket cottage after discovering her husband's infidelity, Sophie arrives with her children to discover that a recently widowed single father, Trevor, has also rented the house. By the best-selling author of the Hot Flash Club series.
  • cover art How to start a fire / by Lisa Lutz. A trio of former college friends reunite 20 years later to share the stories of their adventures, rivalries, secrets and losses while reevaluating the events of a single night that shaped all of them. By the award-winning author of the Spellman Files series.
  • cover art The seven sisters : a novel / by Lucinda Riley. Gathering at their Lake Geneva estate when their adoptive father passes away, six sisters receive tantalizing clues about their true heritage, prompting Maia to journey to Rio de Janeiro to learn the story of her parents' forbidden love. By the best-selling author of “The Orchid House”.